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Die Antwoord, a pretty fucking strange three-piece rap-rave outfit. Suspiciously high production values. (via Tim Evans @ DTDigital)

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Make up your mind already Fairfax.
Make up your mind already Fairfax.

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Beautiful short film directed by Arev Manoukian.
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Creating and publishing content that people genuinely love (Ray-Ban, Johnnie Walker)
Helping bring people together in interesting ways (Bendigo Bank, Football Australia)
Doing crazy shit that makes people laugh or intrigued (Volkswagen, Toyota)
Websites that actually do useful stuff for people (Nike)
Being aware of and connected to what’s going on in popular culture (MYER)
Having a real, distinctive, human personality (Steinlager)
Not cool

Assuming that anyone is interested in what you have to say about your brand
Trying to communicate your message before you’ve earned your audience’s attention
Assuming that the people who watch or engage with your ads are stupid
Taking away privacy and not at least giving relevance back in return
Letting your advertising agency setup a Facebook page for your campaign because “social media is important”
Not actually using the media that you’re making decisions about
Advertising that interrupts or annoys people in any way
Inspired by Jessica’s post a few weeks ago.

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Both considered this “quality time.”
(Photo: Elsa Young; Dwell,May 2008)

Both considered this “quality time.”

(Photo: Elsa Young; Dwell,May 2008)

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Honda ASIMO Conducts The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (via Honda)

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“The Internet Hates Ads”

Nicolas Roope from POKE talks about “things vs ads” (via upside)

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I don’t have a read [on Sarah Palin]. I try not to make, or set opinions about people that I haven’t had any substantive interaction with. … I think it’s wonderful to have strong female voices out there, but I don’t know her.
– Michelle Obama

I love the First Lady. It’s perfect: no irony, no snark; do not inflate or take the bait; neutralize and move on. Welcome to the adults’ table. (via savingpaper, southpol)
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We got that B-roll.

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Andy sent me a link to Flattr last week. It’s a service that is setting out to revolutionise how people get paid for online content. I’m always pretty suspicious of any startup that claims they are going to ‘revolutionise’ something, but it’s an interesting idea. These were my initial thoughts:

I love the (generally) uncommercial nature of blogs at the moment, and I wonder how this would change people’s behaviour for the worse. I know that I’d get way more donations for posting “10 steps to becoming a power blogger” or uploading a photo with a stupid caption on it in Helvetica, rather than writing something interesting about how people use the internet or what I’m thinking about life. I’d probably rather not have this in the back of my mind when I’m thinking about what to write on, and I’d definitely rather not read blogs for people who are motivated this way.

When I see that bloggers are doing ‘sponsored’ posts or taking money from people like Nuffnang, they immediately lose all credibility in my mind. If we can find time to blog for free just because we enjoy doing it then everyone else can too.

Not sure about the writing and art direction in the explanation video though!
Tags: internets business new media # | Feb 14, 2010

Charlie Winston and Audrey Tautou in love, for the video clip of “I love your smile” (via shorterexcerpts, capucha)

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Wow, this Barbie ‘Computer Engineer’ thing took off quickly (video via urlesque)

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Sometimes I wonder if the semi-conscious agenda of the media is to get between people and their souls. It is the the soul with its myriad tiny nerve endings that notices the neglected pathos, poignancy and practicality that lies at the heart of life. It’s as if the media are somehow irritated and envious that anonymous people should have the quiet brilliance of their rich and sustainable inner lives…
Michael Leunig in The Age today (via somethingchanged)
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Over the last year or two, we have spent untold hours trying to document how we do things at the company. At first, it was this ridiculous futile exercise in documenting every process step and every decision moment. It was like going into the rabbit hole – deeper and deeper into arcana and control freakiness. Now, I’m thinking more about documenting our philosophies, our approach, and what we believe in. The general guidelines for tackling our problems. The general guidelines for stating what we believe in. I find that many of the challenges in maintaining quality work as you step back are rooted in people not knowing your guiding principles. How many other agencies do this, I wonder? How many agencies can stand up and say exactly what it is they believe in and what they are going for? This is something I think we could all be better at, and those that are successful at it are one more step down the path of successful everlasting agency life, I’ll wager.
“Why agencies need to make star quality routine” by Rick Webb
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This is quite lovely.


Google Parisian Love 2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercial Ad HD (via TheUltimateMultiTV) Awwww.

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