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If you take a leisure walk or drive around your city, you will notice that people have changed the way they used to live. Now you will see condos being built and most of the units already bought. Living in a condo has made staying in the city more convenient. Conventionally, if you worked in a city, you needed to find a house that was located on the outskirts, meaning that you had to commute every single day. Commuting every day is expensive, and people ended up wasting more time on the road. Now to come to your aid are condos. Here is how to go about finding and choosing a perfect condo unit in the city.


inside a condoWhen looking for a condo unit, it is always wise that you start by searching online. And this is because many real estate developers and agents have embraced the use of the internet to advertise their projects.

With Google, you can search for condos that are available in any city you want. The internet also makes it convenient for you to see in pictures the condos that are available and their floor plan.


People have always trusted references when they want to do business. Therefore, you can also talk to people who can advise you about the different condo units available or under construction. Talking to friends especially to those who are familiar with real estate can be priceless when it comes to finding the best. However, in this day and age, people buy condos in other countries and finding a reference may not be reliable if you do not have somebody in that area.

Read Reviews

condo with balconies As seen above, getting a reference may be limited to people you know and trust, but that should never stop you from purchasing a condo or investing in potential areas.

The world has grown smaller now you can find agents from the area you want to buy a unit and have them help you at a small fee. However, before selecting an agent, you need to read reviews on different firms and see the one with positive feedback from happy clients.

Visit the Condos

Once you have googled or found a perfect reference, the next thing you need to do is visit the condos. Some people can decide to purchase a unit without physically seeing them, but it is always wise to organize a visit before making the purchase.…

Essential tips for buying concert tickets online


A lot of people worldwide, especially the music lovers, follow their favorite singers, bands, or performers on the different social media networking sites and see updates about them as well as news about their upcoming concerts. Once they see announcements on the schedules of the musicians’ concerts, the fans look into buying the tickets right away to make sure that they will have a spot in the venue. They purchase the concert tickets way ahead of time as they are most likely to sell out pretty soon.

So if you are a fan, then you should know where to buy the ticket for your favorite musician’s show. A good avenue for this would be online.

Purchasing concert tickets online

dhjdhd64Shows or tours like the studio killers concert are announced online, TV, and even on the different radio stations. Once the announcements have been made, millions of fans rush into buying the tickets. This is why it is highly recommended that you get yours in advance too so you can get one. Otherwise, there will be no tickets left, and you won’t be able to see the concert.

Fortunately, these days, you can just go online and purchase a ticket. You no longer have to personally go to the ticketing agency just so you can get one for yourself.

Here are tips for buying concert tickets online:

Look for pre-sales online

If you want to get a great deal, you should look for pre-sales online. Usually, the artists offer the tickets before they finally open the door to the public. If you are lucky enough to get into the pre-sale, then it is likely that you will get the ticket at a discounted price which is way lower than the regular price. To increase your chances of availing of such sales, you can join the fans club, or you can also check with your credit card company.

Go online early

Just in case you did not make it to the pre-sale, you can wait for the selling of tickets to the public. But you have to act fast and go online because, for sure, there are other millions of fans out there who are waiting for this moment. The tickets can be sold out in just a few minutes. So, make sure that you do it quickly.

Buy from resellers

dhggdd64Another way in which you can get a concert ticket is to look for resellers. There are people these days who buy tickets in bulk, and resell them. However, with this, you might have to pay a little bit higher than what the ticket’s price really is.


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Die Antwoord, a pretty fucking strange three-piece rap-rave outfit. Suspiciously high production values. (via Tim Evans @ DTDigital)

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Make up your mind already Fairfax.
Make up your mind already Fairfax.

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Beautiful short film directed by Arev Manoukian.
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Creating and publishing content that people genuinely love (Ray-Ban, Johnnie Walker)
Helping bring people together in interesting ways (Bendigo Bank, Football Australia)
Doing crazy shit that makes people laugh or intrigued (Volkswagen, Toyota)
Websites that actually do useful stuff for people (Nike)
Being aware of and connected to what’s going on in popular culture (MYER)
Having a real, distinctive, human personality (Steinlager)
Not cool

Assuming that anyone is interested in what you have to say about your brand
Trying to communicate your message before you’ve earned your audience’s attention
Assuming that the people who watch or engage with your ads are stupid
Taking away privacy and not at least giving relevance back in return
Letting your advertising agency setup a Facebook page for your campaign because “social media is important”
Not actually using the media that you’re making decisions about
Advertising that interrupts or annoys people in any way
Inspired by Jessica’s post a few weeks ago.

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Both considered this “quality time.”
(Photo: Elsa Young; Dwell,May 2008)

Both considered this “quality time.”

(Photo: Elsa Young; Dwell,May 2008)

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Honda ASIMO Conducts The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (via Honda)

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“The Internet Hates Ads”

Nicolas Roope from POKE talks about “things vs ads” (via upside)

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I don’t have a read [on Sarah Palin]. I try not to make, or set opinions about people that I haven’t had any substantive interaction with. … I think it’s wonderful to have strong female voices out there, but I don’t know her.
– Michelle Obama

I love the First Lady. It’s perfect: no irony, no snark; do not inflate or take the bait; neutralize and move on. Welcome to the adults’ table. (via savingpaper, southpol)
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We got that B-roll.

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Andy sent me a link to Flattr last week. It’s a service that is setting out to revolutionise how people get paid for online content. I’m always pretty suspicious of any startup that claims they are going to ‘revolutionise’ something, but it’s an interesting idea. These were my initial thoughts:

I love the (generally) uncommercial nature of blogs at the moment, and I …